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One card does it all.

Your time is valuable, so taking care of everyday errands should be as fast and as easy as possible. Whether you need quick access to cash or want a faster way to pay at the checkout, one card does it all: Columbus Metro's Debit MasterCard®.

Cash when you need it
Whether you have a savings account only or savings and checking, our Debit MasterCard lets you access your account at ATMs across the nation and around the world. You can get cash and check your balances wherever and whenever it's convenient for you (selected machines may also permit deposits and transfers). And you can use it at any JEANIEsm or Armed Forces Financial Network machine, as well as machines bearing the STAR®, Pulse or Plus network logos. You can avoid ATM fees by using a machine that is part of the Alliance One ATM or Credit Union 24 CU HERE Select networks — click here to find a surcharge-free ATM near you.

There is a small monthly fee for the card, but you can avoid it by having any one of the following: a checking or money market account, a share or IRA certificate, or a loan (must be on the same account to qualify).

A better way to pay
When you have a checking account, your Debit MasterCard also gives you a faster way to pay at the checkout. Use it instead of cash or checks at any of the millions of locations that accept MasterCard debit, including online merchants. Purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account and detailed on your online transaction history and monthly statement.

Safeguard your debit card when shopping online
Members who shop online with their Debit MasterCards enjoy added protection, thanks to a program from MasterCard called SecureCode.

SecureCode is a private code — similar to a PIN — that you create for use while shopping online. Once you've done so, the service works automatically when you shop at participating online merchants. Simply enter your payment information, and you'll be prompted to enter your SecureCode. If the proper code is entered, your transaction will be completed as usual.

For more information or to create your own Secure Code, click here.

Apply today
Apply for your Debit MasterCard by filling out the brief application, signing it, and returning it to the credit union. You can fax it, mail it or drop it off at any of our offices. Click here to view our debit card disclosure.


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