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The easiest, most secure way to receive payroll and benefit checks.

Direct deposit is the easiest, most secure way to receive your payroll, retirement, pension and other benefit checks. You won't have to wait in line to cash your check, and you'll never have to worry about checks being lost or delayed in the mail, because your funds are electronically deposited in your Columbus Metro account on the payment date.

To start direct deposit, simply contact your human resources or payroll office and ask to set up direct deposit. If you receive benefits from any of the following agencies, you can call the numbers listed below and arrange for direct deposit by telephone:

  • For Social Security, Railroad Retirement or Office of Personnel Management payments, call 1.800.333.1795 or sign up online at Please note: You may only sign up online if you are currently receiving a check. Additionally, you will need either a claim number from the paying agency or a check number from a recent check plus the amount of your most recent payment to enroll online.
  • For the Social Security Administration, call 1.800.772.1213
  • For the Department of Veterans Affairs, call 1.877.838.2778
  • For Military Retirement, call 1.216.522.5127
  • For Office of Personnel Management (civil service), call 1.888.767.6738
  • For Railroad Retirement Board (automated system), call 1.800.808.0772

You'll need to provide the representative you speak to with:

1. Columbus Metro's Routing Number, 244077226
2. Your Columbus Metro Account Number

Build your savings and make loan payments quickly and easily.

When you use payroll deduction, a designated portion of your pay -- rather than the entire amount -- is automatically deposited to your account at Columbus Metro. You can use payroll deduction to make deposits to your savings, Christmas or Vacation Club, IRA and more, plus make your loan payments. With payroll deduction, you won't have to make a trip to our office or mail in a check to make a deposit or loan payment, because it's done automatically.

Talk to your human resources or payroll department about setting up payroll deduction. Once you've done so, call us at 614.239.0210 or 800.986.3876 and we'll help you distribute the funds among your savings and loans according to your wishes.

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