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A Columbus Metro Visa card is the obvious choice.

Columbus Metro's Visa® cards offer the convenience, reliability and security you've come to expect from Visa — the card used more than any other around the world and across the web. What's more, every Columbus Metro Visa comes with a low rate, no annual fee and rewards with every purchase.

To view a copy of Columbus Metro's credit card agreement, click here.

Columbus Metro Visa Cards


Card Type

Annual Fee



Choose this card for ...


Visa Classic

Learn more | Apply | Disclosures

ScoreCard CashBack
A low rate and up to 1% CashBack on purchases

Visa Gold

Learn more | Apply | Disclosures

ScoreCard CashBack
A low rate, the Visa Gold Benefits package and up to 1% CashBack

Visa Platinum

Learn more | Apply | Disclosures

ScoreCard Bonus Points
Our lowest rate and ScoreCard Bonus Points
* Annual Percentage Rate

Every Columbus Metro Visa credit card also offers:

Anytime access with
Keeping tabs on your Columbus Metro Visa card is easy, thanks to the EZCardInfo web site. This secure site allows you to check your balance, review recent purchases, get payment information and download transaction history to Microsoft Money or Quicken. You can also initiate payments to your Visa from a checking or savings account at another financial institution.

To get started, go to Have your card handy, because you'll need your account number and your CVV2 code, found on the back of your card near the signature panel.

Convenient payment options
It's easy to make your Columbus Metro Visa payment, whether you mail a check with the stub from your monthly statement or use MetroWeb to transfer the funds from your savings or checking account. If you want to pay with funds on deposit at another financial institution, you can use the EZCardInfo site to do so.

We also offer a convenient AutoPay option that ensures that you'll always make your payment on time. With AutoPay, your Visa payment is automatically deducted from your savings or checking account each month. You can choose from three convenient options:

  • Minimum payment due
  • Balance in full
  • Fixed amount higher than the minimum payment due

With AutoPay, you'll continue to receive your monthly Visa statement, which will indicate the amount to be paid and the payment date. Of course, you can make additional payments at any time by phone, by mail or in person. To sign up for AutoPay, complete the online form (PDF), which can be printed and faxed or mailed to us for processing.

Safe and secure
You'll feel safe and secure when you use your Columbus Metro Visa, thanks to Visa's Zero Liability policy. No matter how or where you shop, you're protected — your liability is $0 as long as you promptly report any unauthorized transactions on your card. For more information on Zero Liability, visit

If you regularly shop online, you may also want to sign up for Verified by Visa. Verified by Visa provides an additional layer of protection by adding a password to your Visa account. When you shop online at participating merchants, you'll be asked for your password along with your card number and expiration date. It's easy to sign up — simply click here to register on Visa's secure site, or activate the service the next time you shop with a participating merchant.

Money-saving balance transfers
If you're carrying balances on high-interest credit cards, department store charges or other accounts, you can save money by transferring balances to your low-rate Columbus Metro Visa. Unlike other credit card issuers, we don't reduce your savings by charging hefty balance transfer fees — our fee is just 1% of of the amount transferred, with a maximum of $10. Just fill out our simple balance transfer form (PDF) and fax or mail it to us for processing.

Another way to pay
While credit cards are almost universally accepted, sometimes you want or need to write a check. Our handy convenience checks give you another way to access your Visa credit line. You'll receive one convenience check along with your statement each month, and you can request additional checks at any time — just email us or call our Card Services department at 614.239.0210 or 800.986.3876.


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