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Courtesy Pay has you covered

The inconvenience, expense and embarrassment of returned checks and declined debit cards are things of the past. That's because Courtesy Pay allows us to cover certain transactions that would normally be returned for insufficient funds. Courtesy Pay:

  • Gives you peace of mind - You don't have to worry that an item will be returned unpaid or your debit card will be declined because you are a few dollars short.

  • Saves you money - Merchants charge $30, $35 or more when a check or ACH debit is returned for insufficient funds. With Courtesy Pay, the merchant is paid in full.

  • Protects your credit - Because your item has been paid, merchants don't have a reason to turn you over to a collection agency or prevent you from writing checks in the future.

Courtesy Pay is available on all of Columbus Metro's checking accounts. If your account is in good standing, we may, at our discretion, pay overdrawn checks and ACH withdrawals up to $300 (up to $100 for Metro Merit accounts), including fees. You can also extend Courtesy Pay coverage to your debit card transactions by completing our opt-in form. It will be your responsibility to bring your account balance positive as quickly as possible. (We're sure you'll want to preserve your good standing so you can continue to use this valuable service!)

Still have questions? Check out our Courtesy Pay FAQ for more information.

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